Mitch Peterson

Mitch grew up in the suburbs of San Antonio and New Braunfels, Texas. With a father as a handyman and watercolor artist, and a grandfather as a mechanic, Mitch spent much of his childhood fetching the right size socket wrench and stretching watercolor paper. As a teenager, Mitch worked for his uncle’s graphic design firm and attended the Southwest School of Art, where he focused mainly on charcoal drawing and painting with acrylic.

After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 2010, he moved to Austin in 2012 to attend The University of Texas School of Architecture where he received his Master of Architecture in 2015. While studying at UT, he worked for a local architect in Austin building tiny models of houses out of wood and cardboard. For the past 6 years Mitch has worked for various residential firms in Austin, with experience in both residential and commercial architecture.

Mitch lives with his wife and two dogs in North Austin